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PPE represents!….

As a school, it takes everyone to support the success and the outcomes reflect the time, energy and amount that people put into it. In light of this, I cannot say how proud I am of our school community!  PPE represents!  Let me give you a few examples:

~We took group pictures this week for the yearbook and it is wonderful how many students are involved in clubs, music, intramurals, and so many other activities!

~This week we had a parent session on the 40 Developmental Assets, Boundaries and Routines and the parental conversations were just great!

~We had a Family Fun Night with Dickey’s BBQ and when I went there late last night, they said we had people out the door were, by far, the best organization in terms of turnout!

~Our school attendance is great and we thank all the parents for doing all that you are doing to keep your child healthy and here to learn.

~Finally, my staff is been smiling all week!  That is a great sign!  I love their work ethic and I love their joy in what they do.

This is what school, learning, and life is all about! Thanks for representing the best of who we are!

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Pleasant Prairie Elementary presents our school spirit video…

We are so excited to show you our school spirit!  Click below to see the amazing job our school community did that shows you who we are, the love we have of our school and the fun we have while learning. Enjoy seeing who we are from the inside!  http://youtu.be/Tn39J6jG0hk

Our Mission

 The mission of Pleasant Prairie Elementary School, a diverse learning community,
is to build a strong foundation for all students to reach their highest potential
by providing quality instruction, challenging opportunities,
and building principles of  character in a welcoming environment.
“Let the Spark of Learning Glow”