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See our Character video that highlights our great school.  Click here!

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Going for parent of the year award? 

Let us help you build your resume!

Have you ever seen that guy out in public wear the shirt that says “#1 Dad” or “World’s Best Mom”?  Are you going for that top award this year?  It is amazing that how proud we are of our children but don’t underestimate how proud students are of their parents!  We hear it all the time.

Here are a few ways to help you build your resume for parent of the year:

  • Help with Box Tops!  Each one is 10 cents and we have raised over $20,000 in the last 5 years by just clipping those little tops!  Show your child you will do what it takes to help out their school, even buying a ton load of cereal and apple sauce!
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom. Contact the teacher and let them know who the big kid is in the back helping out.:0)
  • Help with homework.  When kids are young, they think you know it all.   Show them you do!  (If you need help, come to the Parent Curriculum Night – Sept. 29th).  When they become teenagers, they somehow learned everything and know it all so good job!
  • Let them know education is important and the best investment that you can make in your child.  It opens doors, it gives hope and a future and it is something that is valued by everyone in the family. Brag on the good work your child does and make it a big deal because it IS A BIG DEAL.


  • Prepare for the change of weather… it get’s cold fast and we still have outdoor line up and recess.  As a parent, get those winter coats, gloves and hats, scarves early!  LABEL EVERYTHING.  (who wants to keep buying lost clothes?) Finally, have an extra sweater to keep at school.  Here are some weather guidelines.  Click for English  –  Spanish


Tabs at the top – Click on each tab to take you to several locations to find information.  As a parent, you will want to note the Events, Calendar, Contact, Classroom and Parents pages.  It will help will calendar items, events, and how to reach your students teachers.

If you are wondering about programming – click on the ELL or the Character tabs to see what we do and give you more insight on what we offer here at PPE.

Finally, if you click on the Teachers tab, it will give you the email addresses to your student’s teacher and that is the best way to communicate as teachers are often with kids and can reply when they are able to.

Stay in touch and stay connected and stay informed!

Key Pieces of Information  – Please Read!

To help school go smooth, there is information I need all parents to know!  Please read the link below to help you create a great first few weeks of school.

Please also note Friday now release at 12:46 pm! 

Click here for more important information for parents.


At Pleasant Prairie Elementary School our purpose is clear:  to create a place where children feel loved, feel important and feel smart.  As we gear up for the start of school, there are so many things that go into the design of success for students and staff.  It is about building a community, it is the purposeful planning, it is about creating an environment that is positive and fun, getting information out to keep everyone clear, and to build the excitement that a new school year brings.  Remember the WHY of what we do and the inspiration and motivation and excitement grows from this foundation.

Pleasant Prairie Elementary is both a State and National School of Character!

Character is what we are about and who we are!  It is the goal to produce good children as well as good students and to create a place where we excel in the classroom as well as outside of school!  This past spring, Pleasant Prairie Elementary was designated both a State and National School of Character and that reflects the intentional effort to build a school that can produce both smart and good student – intelligence plus character!

We are now on FACEBOOK…. Please “like” to receive timely information and updates along with additional insights.  I often post pictures so you can “see” more of all the good things happening in our school.

Pleasant Prairie Elementary presents our school spirit video…

We are so excited to show you our school spirit!  Click below to see the amazing job our school community did that shows you who we are, the love we have of our school and the fun we have while learning. Enjoy seeing who we are from the inside!  http://youtu.be/Tn39J6jG0hk

Our Mission

 The mission of Pleasant Prairie Elementary School, a diverse learning community,
is to build a strong foundation for all students to reach their highest potential
by providing quality instruction, challenging opportunities,
and building principles of  character in a welcoming environment.
“Let the Spark of Learning Glow”