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The weeks ahead fly by…..

We have hit that stretch leading up to two holiday breaks….Things will go fast!  Keep in touch with your student’s classroom teacher and on top of the Monday newsletters.  They will help with events, activities, upcoming lessons and what needs to be done.  It is a good time of year and we are moving into the second quarter of the year with excitement.

Craft Fair coming to Pleasant Prairie!

Click to check out the flyer about the Craft Fair on Saturday, November 8th!

Pleasant Prairie Elementary presents our school spirit video…

We are so excited to show you our school spirit!  Click below to see the amazing job our school community did that shows you who we are, the love we have of our school and the fun we have while learning. Enjoy seeing who we are from the inside!


Our Mission

 The mission of Pleasant Prairie Elementary School, a diverse learning community,

is to build a strong foundation for all students to reach their highest potential

by providing quality instruction, challenging opportunities,

and building principles of  character in a welcoming environment.

“Let the Spark of Learning Glow”